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Where We Go One, We Go All!

You're here because you are interested in supporting the efforts of the American Patriot Union to restore American Virtue and Prosperity. By buying our branded products you help us build the Union Organization and Website.  Wearing our branded clothing or using any of our branded products also helps spread the message and vision of the American Patriot Union and tells people that you are standing strong with other Americans that love and serve this great country!  This is how we stand together and fight as one for what we believe and hold dear.  Thank you and God Bless you for standing with us!!

About Us

Michael Hutton


I am just an average American who, like so many others that love this country, realize that we must revitalize the American dream and vision.  The only power able to do that is the body of American Patriots standing together, working together, and making that dream and vision visible to all.  Those I am working with are, like me, Christian Conservative Patriots that believe more in America's people than institutional government.  We must restore Virtue and Prosperity in America.. and true prosperity only comes through virtue.  Thank you for being with us!